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Exceptional service, timeliness, reliability, and dependability.

Xpedient transportation management services

Our goal is to provide our customer innovation solutions to their transportation needs that increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Providing quick solutions.

Our carrier

Xpedient offers the services you need to streamline your operations with carriers, from negotiating “best in class” rates to evaluating the most effective routes and modes of transportation for your business. With our quality carriers, you benefit from better service, improved flexibility, and timely deliveries.

We pride ourselves in developing an organization where safety and dependability are a top priority. Let us manage your carrier needs, all our partner carriers and drivers have strong safety standards and excellent reliability.

Our core values of transportation management

We get your business moving.

Tailored transit to meet your unique needs

Whether you need a single load, have a spike in volume, or need to achieve a higher level of predictability in your complete transportation spend, Xpedient knows what it takes to get your business moving. With our resources and expertise, we can help reduce your shipping risk and cut transportation costs.

We offer a full range of multi-modal services:

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Finely tuned warehousing operation that delivers beyond expectations

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Let us take the huge responsibility of order fulfillment off your hands.

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Supply Chain Management

A full range of integrated logistics services tailored to your goals.

Let Xpedient manage all your logistics needs.

We have the experience, the knowledge, and the references. 844-LOGISTX (564-4789)

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